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I'm · not · any · kind · of · a · lady...

Of Resolutions and things

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So this year I've decided I'm not waiting. I've put off finishing my degree and any other sort of personal progress all to be a Mom the last eight years. I've waited and waited for it to be 'my turn' in the family budget forgetting, I guess, that I never used to be the waiting sort. So that's my resolution this year, just freaking stop whining and do it already!

I'm so weird about fanfic, I don't read a lot of fandoms, just can't get into them. Since I started reading it's been Alias, Smallville & Harry Potter (Sark/Sydney then Slash and I've never looked back). I rely almost exclusively on rec lists because as much as I love well written fic the bad stuff is .. really bad. I have to say, Sherlock is my favorite new fandom and I've never felt dirtier about enjoying a pairing. It's probably because I've always been a bookworm and cut my teeth on mysteries with Sherlock & Watson so this feel the naughtiest so far. But some of the authors are writing them so beautifully, I'm so greedy I need more!

In any case, it had been a while since I have written anything so I thought I would throw this out there. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!
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On January 7th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC), enchanted_jae commented:
Good luck with your personal goals this year.
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