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I'm · not · any · kind · of · a · lady...

Little Ashes

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So I haven't posted in an eternity and most of my rl friends on LJ have moved on to Facebook. In other words, I have no idea who may actually see this but in case anyone is out there ...

Have you seen this?


Guh... It looks very, very hot and it doesn't hurt that I have been fascinated by Salvadore Dali. Just wish I had someone to go watch it with me! But it will probably end up like when I watched Brokeback in the theatre, me and a lot of gay men. Sigh.

In real life news I'm on the verge of divorce we just made it through yet another lay off and I am once again slammed with end of the school year stuff. But I keep going, lol

And I don't want to go into how much it sucks that some of my favorite Harry Potter authors have left the fandom and there goes my main line of escape :)

Been really out of touch but hopefully you guys are doing ok, and enjoy the clip if you haven't already seen it.

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On February 10th, 2010 05:52 am (UTC), themostepotente commented:
I friended you but I noticed you didn't reciprocate.
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On February 10th, 2010 03:39 pm (UTC), scorpla replied:
Friending now, and thanks again!
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