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I'm · not · any · kind · of · a · lady...

A really, real update

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I am lying in a hotel room in Charleston with my oldest daughter sleeping away beside me and I am having yet another moment of 'I still can't believe it..'

The daughter I gave up for adoption 19 years ago. We have found each other and are on our third visit. We clicked right away and her parents are amazing and she is amazing and I still can't believe it is all happening! We're actually in Charleston so she can try out for American Idol and even that is surreal. Last night we sat in a horrible hotel room and ate salt and vinegar chips until our toungues dried out and did not discuss politics (because she is republican and I am not) and we didn't discuss the wonders of Katy Perry (because...) But we did discuss Harry Potter for hours and laughed about the silliness of boys and then went to our laptops to read fanfic. Because she even loves fanfic!! Of course, she reads het (!!!) and I read slash and I'm not allowed to mention who Draco really ended up with (because we all know it was Harry) (no, really, she gets really mad!! Who knew 19 year old were so volatile? Sheeeeesh)

Just wanted to share the latest news .. .I am so happy!
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On July 23rd, 2011 08:23 pm (UTC), enchanted_jae commented:
How wonderful!
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